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I was feeling a bit generous on Friday morning and decided to stop by the new grocery store (Metropolitan Market) in our neighborhood to get some doughnuts and pastries, or something like that, for our marketing team at work.  Well, the new grocery has the MOST amazing stuff…I could spend forever in that place.   Fresh soups, huge cheese section, deli, sushi, and most importantly the best little cafe with coffee, pastries, doughnuts, cakes, cupcakes and even gelato.
I decided to try out the doughnuts they had from a place I hadn’t heard of yet – FROST.  I usually keep my ear to the ground for info about new nice gourmet hot spots…but hadn’t heard about FROST yet.  Well, when I checked out the doughnuts at the grocery store – I was shocked, the flavor combos they offered were unreal!  Caramel Apple Fritters, Aztec Chocolate and Southern Red Velvet – the choices were awesome.  Then I saw it, Salted Caramel…my new obsession is anything Salted Caramel…I had to have it…STAT!   As one of my friend’s at work says, that doughnut needed to “get in my face”…ha ha.  So I proceeded to get a dozen doughnuts for the peps at work, and ordered a separate Salted Caramel doughnut for myself…grabbed a latte and was out the door.  Once I got to work and delighted everyone with a surprise Friday morning doughnut delivery, I sat down with my latte and Salted Caramel morsel from heaven…and began reading emails and having the best doughnut I have had in my entire life!  I am not a crazy doughnut person, in fact most days I can pass without any regret, but wow — this was such a good donut that I headed back to the supermarket this morning to get ANOTHER.  This time I only had half, needed to implement some willpower…this obsession could get messy.  No more Salted Caramel doughnuts for me until August!  Good thing August starts tomorrow…ok, maybe no more doughnuts until after the middle of August.

Salted Caramel Doughnut from FROST
After this amazing culinary experience, I wanted to find out where these doughnuts had come from — well FROST is actually a little shop located in Mill Creek, WA – just north of Seattle.  They have a website that does WAY more justice in explaining and showing off their doughnuts than I could ever do…so check it out.  But I couldn’t resist showing off a picture of my favorite for you too…soooo good!
By the way, did I mention the grocery store also had a Salted Caramel Gelato?

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