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quick peek – 2011 IKEA catalog


Imagine my surprise and delight to discover our 2011 IKEA catalog was delivered last week…now imagine my dismay at finding it hidden in our kitchen last Saturday morning?  I am still trying to figure out how it got into the house without me noticing, plus — how long was it in the kitchen under the stack of papers & books?  And yes, I do need to organize the amount of stuff on the counter in our kitchen right now — that fact is hitting me smack in the face right now!
Now back to my excitement to check out the IKEA catalog.   It isn’t that I shop at IKEA that much, in fact I might get down there once a year to pick up something I need and can’t seem to find anywhere else.  However, I seem to find an endless supply of inspiration and ideas from the catalogs that keep me going with ideas for a long time.
So I checked out the catalog and pulled a few of my favorites for you guys to check out…I even left the page number in the screenshots below for easier reference.  Plus, the catalog is now online in a great interactive format too, check it out here.
IKEA posters artwork

Loving the great ideas for what to put on the wall…especially the cursive writing in the black frame, love it!
IKEA bookcase

IKEA bookshelves are always great – especially the new white variable shelf bookcase on the right!
IKEA frames

Super fun frames, especially loving the white pedestal frame on the far right….and such a deal at 99 cents!
IKEA picture frames

Creative way to hang snapshots over a desk — definitely on my DIY list now!
IKEA kitchen ware

Love the wooden utensils and super bright, fun colored kitchen ware…super fun
IKEA entertainment pieces

Thinking about the 3 tiered glass serving piece…perfect for an antipasto tray!
IKEA bottles plates chair tray

I just love the colors on this page — but especially feeling the cute colored tea set, pink chair, serving tray, work lamp and stools!
IKEA desk table chair

Loving the #2 LEKSVIK desk…and #3 pink chair, just need a place to put them…
IKEA white ceramic wear

I am admittedly on a white kick, so wanting just about everything in this picture

I want the floor length silver mirror, and again the white matted frames, candle holders and silver lamp…white, white, white!
IKEA white couch chair

And of course, LOVE the white family room…the new couch style with the wide arms and deep cushions is the best mix of traditional & contemporary!
With all this amazing inspiration, and cute stuff at such bargain prices — I may need to take a trip down to IKEA sooner rather than later.  Anything I missed?!?

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