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the lustyworthy

The Lustworthy…a few of the things I am drooling over right now… 🙂

Absolutely loving gray right now for fall, already picked up a cute gray leather sling bag and some gray booties…this will fit right in the mix!  Soft gray leather jacket from Elie Tahari at Bergdorf Goodman, originally $798 – now only $279!

soft gray leather jacket

Elie Tahari Gray Leather Jacket

I have a very healthy obsession with NARS blush in orgasm — it changed my life and I will forever be a huge fan.  I especially love the blush/bronzer in Orgasm/Laguna that is exclusively available at Sephora.  So imagine my delight when I found out that NARS came out with lip gloss in Orgasm?  Yep — I ran out to try it immediately and now it has become a staple…LOVE it!

NARS lip gloss blush orgasm

I have been thinking for a while now, how can I do something with one of my favorite pictures of my Bella.  Then I stumbled across this cute bedroom and noticed the amazing picture of the golden retriever above the bed.  I am definitely not an artist — we all know this — but I have discovered that there are some great tools from Picnik that could help me turn my favorite picture into a piece of art!

Dog Painting

Super cute doggie picture...

Ok — now back to the regular business of working… 🙂



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