the lustworthy

I am love, love, loving the new leather goods line from Tiffany & Co!  Have you guys seen the purses starting to pop up all over the place?  They have everything from clutches and satchels to structured bags and totes.  And the colors, everything from the basics to some beautiful jewel tones and of course some Tiffany blue for pop!

Some of the Tiffany & Co purse collection

My favorite right now, that I am saving my pennies for and absolutely LUSTING after is the Reversible Tote.  It has been popping up all over the magazines.  It is reversible with suede on one side and metallic leather on the other, and the colors are to die for…from camel/gold, to Tiffany blue/silver, espresso/espresso and my personal favorite garnet/garnet (imagine that!?).  And yes, it is from Tiffany so it isn’t exactly Target brand affordable…but it also isn’t in the Louis Vuitton category either.  Think more Kate Spade price range…with the small reversible tote priced at $395 and the large reversible tote at $595.  Skip a few lattes, spend a few nights in, and you might be able to swing this Tiffany tote on your shoulder sooner than you think!

Tiffany & Co Reversible Tote - Garnet

And check out one of my style icons rocking the Reversible Espresso tote from Tiffany & Co with an amazing navy blue shirt dress (another of my favorite fall trends!).

Jennifer Anniston with Tiffany & Co Reversible Tote in Espresso

Can’t wait till my pennies add up to one of these bags as a part of my fall wardrobe!!



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