wedding planning?!?!?

Oh yes,  I said it…wedding planning…who knew!?!  It’s not that I didn’t think I would get married, but I guess I just thought it would happen at a different time, when I was younger and had a few less limitations on my timing, budget, people, places,  etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I am THRILLED to be engaged…Joe is amazing and I am so lucky and blessed.  But there are so many people involved and you want to make everyone happy, it starts to get a bit overwhelming.  Plus I have a sister that is pregnant and another that is recently married, so there is a lot going on in my family, and Joe’s family is just as busy.

Just to give you a hint…we are thinking DESTINATION is the answer.  We would ideally love to go to Hawaii, it means a lot to both of us as a place, both of our families love it there, but it is a tough location…especially since our good friends Tony + Mel just had there wedding in Hawaii last June.  We are considering Jamaica too…both places would be awesome, just about now in a cold and rainy Seattle.

Please send me any and all ideas…we would love to have them and need them!!

Here’s to the wedding march and to me making down the aisle WITHOUT a glass of wine…(just kidding!).



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