jamaica ‘mon!

Jamaica postcard

Are you ready for us Jamaica?
Yep, can you believe it?  We set a date and decided on a place – finally!  But get ready for this one, our wedding is 135 days from today in Jamaica – May 25, 2011.  Oh yes, I am probably going to have an ulcer and no hair by the time we get married, but at least we are getting married in paradise.  I never could have imagined how hard wedding planning was going to be for our own wedding.  I had planned and helped plan many weddings through the years, and it is so much easier when it isn’t your wedding and it isn’t your family involved!  Joe and I are most definitely people-pleasers and really, really wanted to make everyone happy and comfortable with our decision – but what we learned is that the only people we can really try to make happy is Joe, Kayla and I…and if others are happy, that is just a HUGE bonus! Just a few things that went into our decision making process –
  • allows kids & have fun activities for them to do
  • cost must be reasonable for both Seattle and Michigan people
  • all inclusive would be nice
  • long beaches – since many people like to walk
  • not too far of a drive from the major airport
  • some nightlife and things to do nearby off the resort
  • fairly close to the nearest town
  • clean hotel, well kept hotel
  • good food (some all inclusive hotels have notoriously bad food)
  • good drinks included (some all inclusive hotels water down off brand liquor)
  • good ratings for the hotel on all major travel sites
  • good reviews of weddings held at the hotel
  • cost of the wedding & reception is reasonable
  • location wouldn’t require shots/vaccinations
  • safe area (even away from the resort)
  • good time of the year to get out of town and escape to the sun…not the middle of July, when Seattle & Michigan are actually nice!
So you can see – we really thought about this a lot.  Up until the last week or so – we were going back and forth between Maui, Jamaica and even Seattle – but in the end we took the plunge and did what we wanted to do, and hope that everyone else can make it and will have as good as we think we will have there.
Here we come Jamaica – N 


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