loving this deal!

I am not sure how many of you know about ‘Shop it to Me‘ – but I LOVE it!  You can go online to their site, enter in the types of clothing brands and/or sites you are interested in, plus how frequently you want to receive deals, and then they send you these amazing newsletters with all the deals that match your requests as frequently as you want to receive them.

Well, I get a LOT of great stuff from them…some I buy, some I hope to buy, and some I realize I will never buy.  Today I found something that was not only Lustworthy, but also a heck of a deal too.   These shoes from Jessica Simpson are great — I have a similar pair in a nude/camel-y color that I wear all the time, but the fact that these are in black, guarantees that I will wear them even more!

Check these out and tell me you don’t think they are worth $49.99 – yep, you read that right…happy weekend peps!



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