our wedding — four months from today!

When we first got engaged, WAY back in early November – ha!, I signed up to be a registered user for and, among other wedding sites.  As you get more information about when & where you are getting married, you start adding that to your profile and they start sending you planning emails to help the preparation process.  Well, since our engagement is about 6 months shorter than the average, they are sending me emails just about EVERYDAY with a new planning milestone I should be completing.  Nothing like a little pressure!

Today I got an email from TheKnot saying “you only have 4 months to go”, with all of these recommended items you should check off your list at the 4 month mark.  But I was literally stopped in my tracks by the ‘4 months to go’ subject line.  Can you believe it, 4 months until Joe and I get married on a beach in Jamaica – whoa!  How amazing is that?  I am so excited, not only to get married to Joe, but to have some of our closest friends and family with us on our special day. Fun in the sun, on the beach – with a few umbrella drinks in Jamaica – is guaranteed to be a great time.  ðŸ™‚

So what have we done so far in the few short weeks since we decided when & where to get married?

  • Signed our hotel contract

  • Contracted with a destination wedding travel planner

  • Booked our travel

  • Built our website

  • Sent our e-mail save the dates

  • Ordered all the ‘stuff’ for making our invitations

  • Scheduled dress shopping for this weekend on Saturday

  • Assembling invitations on Sunday this weekend

  • Found a photographer in Montego Bay

  • Found bakery in Montego Bay for our cake

  • Found a florist in Montego Bay

So what is left on the list, ohhhh man…so much stuff, I don’t even want to bore you with the details.  Suffice it to say, I have a full time job all day at HTC and then another full time job each night managing wedding details – ahhh!

4 months to blissfulness in paradise…-N


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