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the lustworthy – valentine’s day edition!

And now a special version of The Lustworthy, just in time for Valentine’s Day!  I have always had a massive jewelry-crush on the LOVE Collection from Cartier and what better time to explore a little bit of love than V-Day?
So what is the LOVE collection?  Well, here is a little background from Cartier, “the original LOVE  bracelet, was created in the 1970s in New York, it is the symbol of genuine loving attachment, a discreet token of passionate love. Your loved one will lock it firmly onto your wrist with the aid of a golden screwdriver of which he will remain the guardian. A style. A signature.”
Here are just a few items in their new LOVE collection that I think are pretty incredible…

Cartier Love Bracelet – White Gold

Cartier Love Charm Bracelet

Cartier Love Necklace

A little lusting/dreaming never hurt anyone, especially on V-Day!
Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day,

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