a story of extended family, serendipity & THE Dress!

Ok, hold onto your hats for this one…there is another twist & turn to my crazy wedding dress story that I wrote about a few weeks back.  Oh yes, just in case you didn’t think it could get more random, rambling and entertaining it DOES!

But first, let’s back up and talk a little bit about serendipity, oh yes one of my favorite words, as well as my favorite things that happens to all of us in life.  Serendipity plays a really big part in this story, so I just wanted to take moment to recognize it.


definition: good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries

orgin: from the characters in the Persian fairy tale, the Three Princes of Serendip,

who made such discoveries, from the Persian SarandipSri Lanka.

So you might be asking, what does serendipity have to do with my wedding dress?  Well, a lot…a whole heck of a lot.

Let’s go back a month of so…I had convinced myself that my other two, yes TWO, custom made wedding dresses, that I had ordered online, would be just fine.  Especially considering the fact that I was told I couldn’t get the dress that I really wanted on time for our wedding in May.  My only option would be to find a dress from another manufacturer, that would be rushed (read: more $$), and there were only a few that offered to rush it fast enough!  After all the twists and turns, I realized spending extra $$ to rush a dress that I didn’t love, and only liked so-so, was not a good idea – let alone a good use of our wedding budget.  So I had settled.  So what?  I could live with that — I am not the typical bride, I am not defined by a dress…right? ha ha

Well, fast forward to a week or so back…I am searching like crazy online for things for the wedding reception that are being sold through these wedding forums & classified sites for brides.  I was looking for some things that I needed to bring or ship to Jamaica for our wedding.  Imagine my surprise, while looking through these classifieds, when I stumble across THE dress, in MY SIZE!  Yep, that is the one — the one I fell in love with — but was convinced I wasn’t able to order because of the timing issues.   I had to dig a little more – was this really true?

Yes it was – it really, really was!  I quickly found out that a girl in San Francisco was selling her dress, it was never worn and never altered and was marked down about 50% of retail.  Holy heck…seriously?  Are you kidding me?  How is this possible?  It must be too good to be true…right?  Well after contacting her, it wasn’t…it was still for sale and she was ready and willing to sell it to me.  Crazy!!  After some discussions, we agreed that I would pay her online and then she would ship the dress to me in Seattle.   Well, both of us got a little gun-shy, me about the idea of sending so much money online and she was a little apprehensive about shipping a wedding dress to me that I may or may not like.

Cue my desperation!  I am THIS close to getting THE DRESS – how is it possible that it wouldn’t work out!?  I was grasping for anything now…how can I make this happen?  I then realized that I know someone in San Fran that might be willing to help me out!  My sister Andrea is married to Sam, whose sister Lucia lives just south of the city and works in downtown SF.  Maybe I could ask her to help me with the exchange and then we could figure out shipping from there? So I ended up contacting Lucia via Facebook to see if she would even consider helping me out, and she immediately replied that she would be happy to help. I hinted at this in my ‘Happiness Is’ post last week)  I then contacted the girl selling the dress and she told me this arrangement would work out much better for her and she would be more than happy to meet Lucia for the exchange!  Woo-hoo!

By Monday evening of this week, I had sent my money – by Tuesday mid-day, Lucia emailed me to tell me she had the dress.  Yes, you read that right, in about 12 hours – they had already exchanged the dress.   How can this be? Well, they just happen to use the same BART stop at Battery & Sacramento for work – on Tuesdays.  Huh?  Ok, I believe that everyone is connected, and that we live in a small world, but this is getting really small and pretty random too!  How did all of this happen to unfold exactly in this way for me?  I am not sure, and I am even afraid to tempt fate by asking.  But I can tell you this…I am so excited, happy & giddy that it did work out!  And I got one hell of  a deal, which the bargain hunter in me is loving!  Even with buying 3 dresses, I still spent less than the retail price of the dress I ended up with!  Now just onto the final part of getting that dress into my hot little hands, or I should say my alteration lady’s hot little hands…shipping the dress.  Fun, fun, fun.

I do have to say, having a dress you know you love makes all the difference…even if you are a low-key bride, kind of like me.  Suddenly the wedding seems much more real to me…and I am getting very excited for the celebration with our closest family and friends.

By the way, here is a little sneak peek of the dress for you…can’t show it all, I need a few surprises!

I hope all of you have the pleasure of having some serendipity enter your life very soon…it is pretty delightful! – N


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