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a little green for st. patty’s day

It is most definitely not a surprise that I love St. Patty’s Day, being festive, wearing green, doing the Irish jig, drinking, and even watching some b-ball if it falls during tourney games.  I love this time of the year!  What I also love is the color green, almost any shade of green or even greeny-blue…so pair that with my new favorite online magazine, High Gloss, and their eye-candy filled email for St. Patty’s Day and I am a happy girl.  I mean seriously, check out that napkin ring I wish I could wear on my finger…seriously lust-worthy!!

Happy St. Patty’s Day & Cheers! –n 

Never ones to miss out on a celebration, we’re gearing up for Saint Patrick’s Day with a few of our favorite green accessories. Your friends will be green with envy!

  1. Isharya Short Gypsy Earrings

  2. Willy Daro Bronze & Malachite Lamp

  3. Small Agate Plate Set

  4. TopShop Winnie T-Ball Espadrilles

  5. Tibi Embellished One Shoulder Dress

  6. Diane Von Furstenberg Funky Zebra Dinnerware

  7. Eduardo Garza Joy Malachite Napkin Ring

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