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loving this deal…

After a few roller-coaster days, I decided to indulge myself in a little retail therapy tonight. I was down in an area of Seattle I normally don’t get to that often, and wanted to kill some time before I battled traffic…so I stopped at the…MALL! I know, it doesn’t happen often…I love the bargains and shopping online, so finding me in a mall isn’t too common. But I found some amazing treasures and deals for our trip to Jamaica!
My favorite is this super-cute black ruffle front dress that I found at SEARS, yes SEARS! It was the nearest entrance to the mall with the least amount of traffic, so I walked through and saw the dress hanging near the mall entrance – thought it was cute and decided to try it on. It looks soooo cute on, and it is normally $36 (a great deal in itself), but it is on sale for $19 this week!!!!  I can just picture it with some super cute gold sandals, gold bangles and a little gold necklace. All of which I luckily have – woo-hoo!

Apostrophe Ruffle Front Dress from Sears

Sometimes retail therapy can work wonders!  – N

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