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beach glass wedding inspiration

So a rarely known fact about me, I collect beach glass…or at least that is what they call it in Michigan.  I collected it on the shores of Lake Michigan as a kid, on the sand of the Gulf of Mexico, on the beaches of Hawaii, the Caribbean  and even on Discovery Beach in Seattle!  I have a jar of beach glass that I have collected from around the world that is currently in storage…yes, quite literally the world.   I cant stop myself, I pick it up, clean it off, and put it in my suitcase until I get home and drop it in a jar.   So when it came time to pick the colors of our wedding in Jamaica on a beach, it seemed like a no brainer to me – the colors of beach glass!  There was a little bit of push back on this, lots of people wanted me to pick super bright, tropical colors…and while I love them, they just arent quite me.  So the bluesy, sea-greens, and glowing whites from beach glass it is!  Check out some of my inspiration, the colors make me calm…and smiley!

Pretty, pretty – don’t you think?

True Blue…

Blue, white and beachy all over…

Now I am sure you can see my mind is spinning from all the ideas & inspiration! – N

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