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crazy for color — yellow!

I have been on a kick lately with yellow. I can’t seem to get enough of the mellow yellow, bright yellow, stripe yellow, just about right yellow…any shade of yellow you want to throw at me, I love. This is a bit strange…almost my entire life I have considered ‘my color’ to be a bluey-greeny turquoise, see my wedding for a perfect example. 🙂 But I have slowly, but surely been amassing a lot of yellow items lately, clothing, shoes, jewelry… I even told Joe last weekend it was my signature color, huh?!?! What is going on with that?

Here are a few of my recent purchases and future loves and inspiration…

courtesy of kate spade new york
This sunny yellow stool from Lilly Pulizter
just makes me happy! courtesy of Horchow
One of my fav purchased for Jamaica –
made even better by the fact I found it at Target! 
LL Bean Boat & Tote Bag in sunrise with my new initials on it! Fun shower gift from my new sister-in-laws!  (courtesy of LL Bean)
These yellow doors do amazing things for this room…color envy!
(courtesy of apartment therapy)
Kate Spade Idiom Bangle (courtesy of Neimen Marcus)
Tory Burch Yellow Flip Flops – so fun, so cute!
Cute letterpress print – so perfect for your office!
(courtesy of Heartfish Press)
Super cute custom made necklace that I nabbed from Etsy!
Happy Friday! xoxo-n


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