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you’ve come a long way baby…

today is my birthday. I am 37 years old….eek! This is a picture of me as a toddler that my Mom posted on FB page for all to see today…that was fun. Why eek? Well at one point 37 seemed old, really old — and that was not so long ago — and I don’t feel old. I feel young, a bit silly, still finding my way, sometimes immature, still learning everyday and still having too much fun to be old! I love the wisdom & experience from living 37 years, but obviously not the part where I actually get older. It isn’t that I am afraid of getting old – well, maybe a little…but botox & fillers can delay a lot of that! For whatever reason, I thought by the time I was this age I would have figured out a whole lot more. So my parents were either really mature and had it all figured out by 37 — or my parents did a great job of acting like they had it all figured out!?!? Hmm…

Top 10 things over the last year (in no particular order)

1) got married in Jamaica – trip of a lifetime!
2) gained a new family – including Miss KJ
trip to New Orleans for Seahawks game with the crew

4) had some awesome opportunities at work
5) began to understand patience (began…)
6) trip to Austin for SXSW + saw Kanye and Jay-Z…still unreal!
7) trip to Dallas for the Superbowl!
8) launched some cool shiz at work
9) trip to Key West & Miami for the holidays and some Orange Bowl festitivies
10) learned that everything changes – people, places, situations – and adjusting is huge!

A these are just a few…I know I left out a ton, but this captures some big ones over a really big year for me.

so happy birthday to me…even if I don’t want to be quite this old yet, it has been a sweet year! xoxo-n


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