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she’s crafty: beach glass candy wedding favors

as promised and long overdue, I am going to start updating the blog with some of the DIY stuff I pulled off for the wedding.

First up, one of my favorites – Beach Glass Candy Favors. I fell in love with these after I had them all done and saw all the colors together. It was a perfect fit, since my wedding was inspired by the colors of beach glass…plus it traveled well. I could make all of it here at home in the US, pack it and easily bring it with me for the wedding in Jamaica.

Beach Glass Candy – Wedding Favors

Once I thought of the idea, I had to find a way to make it or discover if someone else had already done it. I stumbled across this recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Not So Humble Pie. She does a great job with the directions and instructions. A couple of tips, the flavor oils for the candy were hard to find — even in gourmet grocery stores in Seattle. I ended up finding them in a cake shop that also has decorating items & baking supplies. I used a couple of different types of food coloring, Neon & Regular – but both were the standard liquid form you find in the grocery store. I used the bright blue & bright green from the Neon set and the blue & green from the regular set. I only used 2 drops of food coloring and found it was perfect – the Neon ended up much darker and the Regular ones ended up looking faint & washed out – just like real beach glass.

I will admit, I got a bit worried when I saw the colors set in the pan, especially the Neon ones – they seemed so bright and shiny. How would this ever look like real beach glass? But have no fear, once you break it, sprinkle it with a little powdered sugar and a bit of regular sugar – they will be perfect!

Candy after being tumbled in sugar

After getting all my beach glass made and “tumbled” in sugar, I was ready to start putting them into favor bags. I used small clear cello bags from the Party Supply store, with some turquoise-y blue ribbon that matched what I used in other parts of the wedding. I then found some labels at Michael’s that are wedding favor tags, pre-cut and pre-punched with a hole, so much easier than creating your own and under $5 for about 50 too. I formatted the text to match what we had used in the rest of the wedding, and used our starfish symbol – that was carried through the wedding as well.

All wrapped up and ready for travel to Jamaica!

They were just about perfect, super cost effective, great to travel/take to the wedding and according to my step-daughter, taste AMAZING!! These could also be great ideas for Holiday gift giving – in holiday colors, favors for parties, etc. Enjoy — n


One thought on “she’s crafty: beach glass candy wedding favors

  1. The candy turned out great and KJ was right — it was delicious! You're so crafty. :)Okay next up, can you please post how you did the napkin rings? I want to make some of my own!

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