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fun in the sun & planning…

this is what my To Do List looks like…no joke!

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wow — I haven’t blogged in a week. What a horrible blogger I am this summer! I am sorry about that…trying to get better and have so many posts to catch up on too. Why? Well, I am in the CRAZY midst of planning our at home reception for about 150 people at Joe’s parent’s house. Are we crazy? Most likely! Will it be personal, memorable and fun? Most definitely! I have to finish blogging about all the DIY from the wedding, but then have so much to catch up on from the planning and DIY from the at home reception too. We have had a fairly small budget and have been able to be pretty innovative on everything from rentals, to plates & napkins, to even doing the food ourselves. Yep, you heard it right…we are catering the shindig on our own…whippeee! Wish us luck – we will need it. Anyways, this is a very long way of saying I have been busy…but hang with me, there should be some good stuff coming as a result. 🙂

my favorite pic – KJ jumping off the boat into Lake Washington

This weekend we were over there wedding, spraying, laying gravel – today more of the same, plus some work on the sports court (where the party will take place), which his Mom worked on yesterday and said looks awesome! Two blisters and 4 callouses later, we headed out on Lake Washington to have some fun in the sun with a few friends, on what happened to be the hottest day of the year in Seattle – FINALLY! It was so much fun, and KJ and her friend ‘H’ even went tubing on a very rough Lake Washington, which meant some tired arms today – but very happy girls!

Off to do some more planning and prepping for the party next weekend. Enjoy your Sunday! xoxo-n


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