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party accomplished!

Again, I must start with an apology — I have always meant to post 3-5 times per week, but instead I am taking week breaks between posts lately!  But after Saturday – I think I will be in good shape to post more often.  But I had a good excuse, being completely overwhelmed by planning & prepping for our big Seattle At Home Reception that we had on Saturday night. 

courtesy of
We did it though, we pulled off a party for over 120 people in Joe’s parent’s backyard – and it was amazing!  We rented tents, tables, linens and all that good stuff — we bought mason jars to serve the wine & beer in…fun plates, napkins and silverware that was disposable, but didn’t look disposable!  We made all the food ourselves and hired staff to help with the bar and serving & replenishing food…and they did a fantastic job.  Our menu was pretty extensive, I will do another post about the food with recipes very soon.  
we used mason jars for drinks – with ribbons & striped straws from Etsy

we also used larger mason jars with wild flowers on each table
All in all, it was everything we hoped it could be…with great friends & family, incredible weather, awesome food & drinks and lots of smiles & laughter.  Joe + I are both so thankful to have had such a great time celebrating with so many amazing people.  We are also exhausted…probably not ready to do another party for a while! 
Hope your weekend was fab!  xoxo – n 

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