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tomato, tomato, tomatoes…

Our tomato bounty!

When we moved into our new place, the family that owns the house left us this AMAZING vegetable & herb garden…it is really something. The tomatoes are so red, ripe and sweet – it is insane! I have been making all sorts of things with tomatoes lately, trying to use all the tomatoes (or give them away) before they go bad. One of our favorites right now is a BLT Salad – here is a recipe, if you even need it, so easy!

image from here.

BLT Salad

1 head of lettuce (romaine, iceberg, butter – whatever you like)
6 slices bacon – cooked until just starting to crisp, cut or crumbled
1/4 c. shredded cheddar cheese (or use whatever cheese you prefer)
10 small grape tomatoes – cut in half (or 4-5 Roma tomatoes – cut in quarters)
Homemade Croutons – see recipe here
Homemade Ranch Dressing – my favorite recipe is from Simply Recipes
Optional – avocado, red onion, sliced chicken breast, whatever you can think of!

Toss it all together and serve with some crispy bread and white wine…yumm!

Can I just tell you, I love fall! — nik


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