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greetings from taiwan

yep, you heard that right…I am blogging to you from just outside Taipei, as I type this words.  I have been on the road since Sunday night, and it is Thursday evening here/Wednesday early morning in Seattle – so I am ready to come home.  It has been a productive trip, they always are…it is amazing how much more you can get done in person versus conference calls/video conferencing or Skype.  But I am exhausted and look forward to a good night of sleep tonight before catching my flight home tomorrow.  Here are just a few of the things that have filled this trip…

every trip to Taipei usually involves orienting yourself by Taipei 101
the majority of my time is spent at our corporate HQ –
 the lot in front is usually completely full of scooters!

all 3 days of this trip were spent in a small conference room with a LOT of whiteboard action happening

Starbucks is in the lobby of our office – so I usually have 3+ coffees a day to battle jet lag…

always fun to get out at night to explore and get some amazing food!

dumplings at Din Tai Fung – my favorite! 

wheel cake dessert from the street cart…yumm!

custard wheel cake – very popular Taiwanese dessert, and soooo good!

Hope those back in Seattle are enjoying the Big Snowstorm of 2012.  It has been 70’s and mostly sunny here, so I am really loving the weather.  Now only if I could take it with me!  
Have a great week – nik


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