canon t3i / excited / new camera / photography

hellooooo lovely!

As many of you already know, I have been dying to upgrade my camera. When I was in college I took many art classes and many were photography, where I learned to shoot with a SLR & film. That’s right…FILM! After much research, plus an existing comfort level with Canon products, I pulled the trigger (well my husband did…thank you honey!) and I got a new Canon T3i. The day my camera was due to arrive, I stayed home from work that afternoon – just to make sure I could sign for it. Then I spent the entire weekend shooting my dogs, the sunset, my new nephew (we will call him Lo-Lo). It was more exciting than a new pair of Louboutin’s — no joke!

my new baby!
So be on the look out for some new & improved pictures coming soon! I have already gotten some great ones of my pupsters, KJ and Lo-Lo!
Make it a great one – xoxo, nik


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