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she’s crafty: wedding reception table decorations!

When I was planning our wedding, I was determined to make it personal, fun and totally representative of our personalities and taste, in spite of the fact the wedding was in another country and I had to fly everything there! You’ve already heard the story of the beach glass candy wedding favors, which was just one of the things that I made at home and brought with me to Jamaica.  But I brought a whole lot more too!

images from Ruffled, Carrie Patterson Photography via Bellissima Vita & Amazon. 

One of the biggest challenges I faced was decorating the reception, hopefully without flowers because they were so expensive through our florist in Jamaica. For the reception I decided to change things up from the start and used rectangular tables set family style for 8-10 people instead of rounds. At each table I used standard white linen tablecloths, then purchased burlap table runners from Rayna Lane, Inc on Etsy to bring a little color of the beach sand inside to the reception. They did not cost much and definitely saved me time from making table runners myself.  I also purchased loose beach glass in various colors that matched the wedding colors from Amazon and sprinkled them along the brown burlap runner.

I was still missing something though and looked into options for soft candlelight, the hotel said I could not bring candles so I found some flameless tealights from Amazon and ordered a lot of them!  I was originally thinking of dropping them in all different sized vases and wrapping the vases with vellum, but the cost to ship was way too high. I ended up buying vellum in four different shades – white, pale green, pale blue & pale turquoise. I cut the vellum into different lengths. Once in Jamaica, I wrapped the vellum into cylinders and taped it using double-sided tape. I had the hotel put the tealights down the middle of the runners covered by the vellum cylinders, varying the size and colors on each table – and they looked amazingly like glass vases! They also sprinkled the sea glass down the sides of the runner and placed my DIY napkins on each plate (post with directions on that one coming soon!) – it looked so pretty and the tealights didn’t burn out all night!

image courtesy of Christiana Childers Photography

image courtesy of Christiana Childers Photography
These are a couple of the pics I have from the reception with a good view of the runner, beach glass and votives!  Hopefully this gives you a few ideas for your wedding or next party! 
Enjoy – nik 

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