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the latest DIY project…

I am super busy right now with a lot going on at both work & home. Even with all the craziness, I am feeling good about my progress on some new projects for our house. Check out my chairs that I am working on right now…

I know – this picture is just awesome!
My DIY space also holds a boat & old furniture!
But I have plans for these pretty little chairs. The black ones are getting sanded down (already done!), primed, painted white and new seat covers in a cute graphic pattern. The blue parsons chairs are getting new white covers and I am updating the legs to dark brown wood. Fun stuff! This is all in preparation for our new kitchen table, farmhouse style with iron legs – along with our new bar stools. The bar stools are iron, with upholstered seats and they swivel – oh yeah! I am also going to update the new bar stool seats with the same fabric I use on the black – soon to be white – chairs. I think it will be good and I hope to be done with all of it this weekend.
Fun stuff, don’t you think?! – nik

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