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she’s crafty: napkin rings for the wedding reception!

I have been trying to write all of my posts regarding the wedding & my DIY projects lately. I am worried that if I don’t write them soon, I might forget them or some of the details. So now I am going to make sure that I do one post every Wednesday related to my destination wedding & at-home reception – and all of the related projects!

Next up – my DIY napkin ring project!

supplies for the napkin ring project – images via Amazon

Last week, when I wrote about my Wedding Reception Table Decorations, I alluded to the fact that I purchased my own napkins & made the napkin rings as well. Originally, I was going to go with the plain white linen napkins from the hotel, but after thinking about the burlap runner, votive candles & beach glass on the tables – I kept thinking that we needed a bit more color. I had been reading many wedding message boards on purchasing linens versus using what the hotel provides or renting them. After checking out many of those sites, I decided I was looking for something a little more interesting than a plain polyester napkin. I ended up at Amazon (shocking, I know) and found these amazing Linen Hemstitch Napkins in Sky Blue. They were high quality, not that expensive, with a beautiful color & texture – and were shipped free with my Amazon Prime account!
Once I solved the napkin issue, I struggled with what to do with it on the table. Do I fold it with the menu on top? Do I fold it with our letter to our family & friends? Do I put the favor on top of it? Or do I roll up the napkin and hold it in a napkin ring? I went with the latter! I ended up loving the idea of rolling the napkin and having a stone/bead that looked like beach glass on the napkin ring. I looked everywhere for something like this and found nothing! So I had to dive and try to make them myself. Unfortunately, I did not take good step-by-step pictures, but I did try to detail the instructions as much as possible. If you have any questions, just let me know.
Hemstitch Linen Napkin & DIY Napkin Rings –
photo courtesy of Christiana Childers Photography

  • You will need to find some oval beads that match the color you desire, I found mine at Michael’s. They are similar in size/shape to these from Amazon, but the ones I actually went with were more bluey-green in color and really looked similar to beach glass.
  • Then, while in Michael’s I was wandering the aisles trying to figure out what to use to hold the bead and the napkin. Well, ‘lo & behold – one aisle over – I find this amazing thing called silver jewelry wire, similar to this one from Amazon. You will most likely want 18 gauge or larger (lower #’s are larger) jewelry wire.
  • Once you have the jewelry wire & beads, find something that is about the size that you want the napkin rings to be – for me, that was a medium to large size Tylenol bottle. Then wrap the jewelry wire around the Tylenol bottle 2x and cut it where the ends met.
  • Then take another length of jewelry wire, about 1 1/2-2 inches. I used this piece to thread through one bead and centered the bead on that length of wire.
  • Then place the beaded wire on top of the circled wire where the ends meet. I then wrapped the end of the wire on either side of the bead around the circled wire – connecting the beaded piece to the circled wire.

And there you have it – whew! It is actually much simpler than the directions and they go by so fast when you get going on them. I knocked mine out in a few hours one night by myself. And as far as cost, I think I spent around $150 for the napkins & the napkin rings to have approximately 60 of them.

By the way – I recycled this project for the holidays last year, with a few changes. I used brightly colored fall napkins that I found at Tuesday Morning, then used gold jewelry wire & a bead that looked like fall colors. The options are endless!

Good Luck! -nik


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