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i have a reason…really, i promise!

I am so sorry to have abandoned my blog for so long – something that I have come to cherish over the years, a true outlet for me.  What happened?  Well, I couldn’t write.  I had so much on my mind, too much really and it was all too good and that made me too afraid to tell anyone.  But finally, I need to tell you all…because I need your help, your faith and your support now.

our Facebook “announcement” picture from June 2012.

You see, I am pregnant and about 8 weeks from delivering our new baby – YEAH! Now I am sure you are wondering why wouldn’t I want to scream this from a mountaintop, my blog and just about everywhere else that I could.  Well, I was too afraid to tell anyone for a VERY long time.  After what happened to me last year in December, when we lost our baby at just about 12 weeks, I didn’t want to tempt fate.  I didn’t want to go through the same thing again.  So we chose not to tell anyone until almost 5 months, at which we did the obligatory Facebook announcement revealing not only that we were pregnant, but that we were also expecting a baby girl.  
This has not been an easy pregnancy for me, I have been very sick the majority of the pregnancy – nausea & morning sickness much of the 1st trimester, that transitioned into all-day sickness during the 2nd trimester with violent vomiting as well – fun stuff.  Now in my 3rd trimester, I still have the vomiting, but add in some serious acid-reflux for fun and you have an idea of how anxious I am to have this baby already. 
Now onto the serious stuff, each ultrasound has been a practice in patience and faith for us.  The first one was probably the scariest thing I have ever experienced, going into the Dr’s office at 8 weeks and not sure if we would see a heartbeat or not, based on our last experience.  The second ultrasound was much less dramatic going in and we were a lot more relaxed about it – thank goodness.  Our third ultrasound at about 19 weeks was also uneventful going in, we found out we were having a girl – but then had the added bonus of finding out that our baby had a few complications – a echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF – or a sport of calcification on the heart) and a marginal cord insertion.  The EIF is not a major issue and usually resolves itself before the 3rd trimester, which it did, but it is a soft marker for Down’s Syndrome.  My doctor was actually not worried about it because I had done a sequential screening for genetic issues at 11 weeks/15 weeks and both came back clear – but you can’t help but worry!  The marginal cord insertion is a little more complicated, the umbilical cord connects to the uterus in an unusual location and can be a complication to the little one in the third trimester, affecting her growth and ability to get nutrients via the umbilical cord.  It can also be a challenge for a normal delivery, depending on the location of the insertion.  Currently I am having ultrasounds every 2-3 weeks to check on cord location, measure the baby to ensure she is still growing at a normal rate, etc.  Hopefully if all continues to go well, I will not have to be on bed rest, will not have to delivery early and will not need a c-section.  I just have to keep the faith.   
Yesterday the results came back from our latest ultrasound and it added another layer of worry onto what we are already dealing with now.  It looks like baby girl might have a duplicated kidney collecting system on her left side.  What does that mean?  Well, it seems that on the latest ultrasound (which was checking on the baby’s growth & location of  the cord), found what looks like a duplication of the ureter system on her left kidney. Basically what this means it that she has 2 removal systems going from her left kidney to her bladder.  They don’t know how serious this is for her, or what the next steps are until we are referred to the high-risk OBGYN for another ultrasound in about 3 weeks.  When we go for that ultrasound, we also will meet with a pediatric urologist, to begin preparing the treatment plan for our baby girl after she is born.  
my mantra right now + lots of prayer. 
Now we are relying in our positive outlook and our faith to guide us through these last few weeks, until we can hold our healthy, happy little girl in our arms.  
So glad to be back, so happy to share with all of you again.  
xoxo –

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