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one month, already!

Sloane is 1 month old today and I can’t believe this first month went so fast!  So much of it was a blur, especially those first few weeks.  We could not have done it without a lot of help from our family & friends. Both of our Moms have been amazing — helping me get naps, showers and relieving me so I can get out of the house for an hour or two. Our friends have also been incredible – making us meals, coming over to hold Sloane, and even babysitting — so we could go to my work holiday party!  
  • sleeping 6-8 hours straight per night, starting at 3 weeks – thank you Sloaney!
  • started focusing and following us with her eyes
  • notices my voice and it soothes her
  • self-soothes with her hands near her face & sucks her hand/fingers 
  • pacifier – has been using one and holding it in since the day she was born

    ..thoughts about the last month

    • i don’t remember anything about the first 2 weeks – all I did was feed her, change her, pump, catch a few zzz’s and do it all over and over and over again! 
    • it is truly amazing this little baby that you carried in your stomach for almost 10 months is now in your arms…whoa!
    • i definitely got the mommy hormonal rollercoaster, cry much?  but haven’t had to deal with any mommy blues…thank goodness. 
    • thank goodness for a few items – the rock-n-play (freakin magic!), nosefrieda, the nipple shield, lanolin, and my DSLR
    …likes & dislikes

    •  anything moving – cars, strollers, rock-n-play & her swing
    • mommy’s milk 
    • bath time – has come to like them over the last month
    • likes to sit on our lap facing the action or the TV – especially football! 
    • hands by her face & sucking on her fingers 
    • lights…obsessed with staring at lights! 

    • tummy time – she will not do tummy time, not even for a minute
    • changing her clothes
    • being swaddled – she screams bloody murder until we either loosen her arms or she breaks free
    • sleeping flat – doesn’t like sleeping in her pack-n-play or her crib 
    • being hungry – screams like someone is hurting her as soon as she gets hungry, goes from 0 to a thousand in 15 seconds!

    …monthly progress (obviously only one to start)

    An unbelievable month — but can’t wait to see what the next one brings!


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