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two months, too fast!

Sloane is 2 months old today – where does the time go? Watching her learn & grow is just amazing! But at the same time it is so bittersweet, I want it to slow down so I don’t miss anything.  This month we definitely fell into a few patterns and passed some huge milestones – which were so much fun.  
  • sleeping 9-11 hours straight per night, starting on Dec 22nd – it was so fantastic, I remember the exact day it started!
  • she loves to smile…especially at sounds and funny faces
  • follows us with her eyes – even when we are across the room from her
  • sits up in her bumbo without any help
  • she holds her head up and turns to look at people, when carried on my hip…but she still will not tolerate any tummy time!
  • she scoots – we put her down for back time or in her crib and she somehow kicks/scoots herself to a different position when we pick her up!

…thoughts about the last month

  • it felt like we really got into a rhythm this month – there were patterns of sleep and eating that we were starting to get into without even trying. 
  • she is a pretty easy baby – she cries when she is hungry or tired, and when her diaper needs to be changed – but not too fussy other than those times. 
  • we started a bit of sleep training towards her 2 month birthday – she goes down for 3-4 naps during that day in her crib, with her sound machine (amazing thing!) and it has helped her to sleep more at night too!   
  • i love being a mom. For something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do, I love it more than I could have ever imagined.  When she puts her head on my shoulder and cuddles with me after her naps, there is nothing better! 

…likes & dislikes

  • going on walks
  • funny noises, sounds and laughter 
  • food, food, food! 
  • bath time
  • sleeping in her crib & the pack-n-play – success! 
  • being near the action – she doesn’t want to miss a thing! 
  • white noise/ocean sounds – from sound machine, phone app & Cloud B sheep – they are like magic
  • back time – she is a rock-star under that Baby Einstein Under Sea playmat, and bats & plays with the hanging toys 

  • tummy time – she hates it, tolerates it for about 5 minutes and then screams, and pretends she can’t do anything and just lays face down until we pick her up.
  • changing her clothes
  • being swaddled – so much that we gave up on it at 6 weeks
  • getting her face washed

…monthly progress

I can’t believe it has been 2 months already & already rolling into month 3!


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