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{friday favorites}

bringing back and oldie but a goodie…my friday favorites. Maybe I will actually be a little more consistent with my blogging then too! Here are few favorites of mine to hit you with this week…

Live in Leggings by Zella at Nordstrom

The BEST leggings EVER! I swear, this is no exaggeration. I had been complaining about my leggings, something I was wearing a lot in these post-baby months, and my friend Kerstin said you have to try these leggings from Nordstrom by Zella, called Live in Leggings. Let me tell you, that name could not be more perfect. These are super comfy, almost pajama-like, not shiny at all – so you can wear them for working out and office/casual too, and they are a thick black cotton. That means when you sit down, you are not going to see your knee through them…I promise! I knew about Zella because I am obsessed with their headbands, but didn’t know about the leggings. (hint – Nordies hired a Lululemon designer to create the exclusive line, and you can tell!)  Now I think it is my mission in life to tell everyone and help womankind. Ok, that last part might be a bit of exaggeration – but seriously, they are amaze-balls and only $52 bucks.

Name Neckalce from Foamy Wader on Etsy 

After having Sloane, I knew I wanted something with her name or initial or birthstone, but couldn’t find anything that was just right. Finally, after some searching I found this engraved gold bar necklace on Etsy from Foamy Wader. I ordered it last week, she made it the same day and I received it the next day – talk about FAST! She is located in Seattle, so I am guessing that is why I got it so fast, but I would bet you might get yours in a snap too. And at $45, this is a great gift too!  

Batiste Dry Shampoo from Amazon

I love dry shampoo, at least the idea of dry shampoo. As someone with dark hair, it is hard to pull off 2+ days with unwashed hair without getting greasy. I have tried just about all the dry shampoos, expensive to cheap, powder to sprays, and haven’t had a lot of luck. My favorite to date is this Batiste, which I found at Boot’s in London several years ago. They have original, other scents and one for blondes as well as one for brunettes. Bingo! They are all amazing, but the brunette one is my favorite…fine mist, gives me lots of body, and does not show up in my hair. Plus I don’t have to wait for trips to UK anymore to pick it up – it is now on Amazon and for less than $10 bucks!



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