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blowing bubbles while doing headstands

Right now our life is moving at a breakneck speed (or at lest it feels that way!) and we have a lot of changes or transitions taking place, and they all seem to be happening at the same time.  I can’t talk about everything…yet, but needless to say they involve some of those big changes in life that increase your blood pressure and add some extra stress to the day.  Of course, these are on top of having a new baby and going back to work, as if those are hard enough!  
It’s all good though.  I am just moving forward, eyes upstream, just keep moving in the right direction.  I am so behind on my blogging, but I do have some awesome pics of our little Sloaney from her 3 and 4 month photo sessions that I will post this weekend.  Right now she is very close to turning over (back to front), smiling & giggling, and brrrrr’ing her lips to blow bubbles constantly!  In fact this morning I woke up to hearing her blowing bubbles in the pack & play in the corner of our room…  
I can’t believe she is already 4 months, where does the time go?  I heard parents say that all the time, and was like — yeah, I get it.  But seriously, it goes SO fast…I just want it to slow down a little so I can remember every single thing about Sloane being a baby.  
To try and make up for my lack of regular posts, here are some IG photos from the last couple months of our crazy life…
Sloane getting some cousin time
Cousin Logan & Cousin Connor

Fun times in Maui

our share of sickness

books, smiles, giggles and toys!

I have lots of stuff swirling around the brain lately and have a couple of posts I really want to get wrapped up.  Including one on the baby items I think have been the most help, and even a few life savers (including a template for registering!).  Plus Sloane’s (long overdue) birth story and some thoughts on being a new Mom and going back to work.  


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