My name is Nicole…a Midwestern transplant, happily living among the mountains, lakes and crazy amounts of green in the Northwest.  Living a life full with work, play, family and friends…and not enough time for any of them.  I spend my professional life working in technology marketing, travel frequently (for both work & play), and enjoy doing nothing more than spending time with those I love.

The inspiration for ‘A Prima Vista’, which in Italian means ‘At First Sight’, came from the overwhelming number of bookmarks I have in my internet browser – if you can believe it!  I love exploring just about everything – favorites are fashion, design, technology, beauty, food & wine, art, animals, vacations and even sports.  And because I don’t want to forget a thing that I find, I find myself bookmarking so many things each day — amazing, inspirational, yummy, fun, crazy, zanny and unreal — finds, treasures, places, people, things,  food & drinks — that at first sight, inspire me!   Sometimes I am so inspired, that I even get the gumption to try them out myself…whether it be a recipe, party theme, DIY re-upholstery, restaurant and even a vacation or two.  This blog allows me a place to remember all of the things that I find inspiring at first sight — even my adventures in trying my hand at them myself, and having a blog provides me a place to share them with my friends and family.  Hopefully you will find some things you love at first sight too, and share some of your inspirations too!




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